Arlington Schedule 2020


Doors Open:             6:30 PM

Session Begins:         7:00 PM

The Sandman Cometh     

Bean & Bailey

     James Simmons & Friends Worship

     Jeff Walling

Session Ends:            9:00 PM


Doors Open:             8:30 AM

Session Begins:         9:00 AM

     Hoss Ridgeway Wake Up Winterfest!

     James Simmons & Friends Worship

       B. Chris Simpson

        Chris Seidman

   Session Ends:                  11:00 AM


Doors Open:                        3:30 PM

Afternoon Begins:             4:00 PM

     Big Room stuff for teens

              Hoss Ridgeway            

              Lee Langdon

              OC Summer Singers

     Adult Leaders view “I Still Believe” movie

Evening Session Begins     6:30 PM

     Music and Drama from the book of Daniel

    James Simmons & Friends Worship

    Phil Brookman

Session Ends:                    9:00 PM


Doors:                                  7:30 AM

Session Begins:                  8:00 AM

     James Simmons & Friends Worship

     Communion & Contribution

     Mitch Wilburn

Session Ends:            10:00 AM

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