Arlington Schedule 2022               


Doors Open:             6:30 PM

Session Begins:         7:00 PM

     Jared Hall     

     Stephen Maxwell & UVW Worship

     Taylor Walling

Session Ends:            10:00 PM


Doors Open:             8:30 AM

Session Begins:         9:00 AM

      Stephen Maxwell & UVW Worship

      Brad Tate & Jeff Walling

   Session Ends:                  11:30 AM


Evening Session Begins     6:30 PM

     Skit Guys

     Stephen Maxwell  & UVW Worship

     Eric Wilson

Session Ends:                    9:30 PM


Doors:                                  7:30 AM

Session Begins:                  8:00 AM

     Stephen Maxwell  & UVW Worship

     Communion & Contribution

     Jeff Walling

Session Ends:            10:30 AM

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