Walking Stick Journals

Your Harding/Winterfest walking stick could be worth $500.00. Click here for more.

Every participant received a walking stick at Winterfest 2016. The challenge is to keep this stick for life. Use it as a walking/hiking stick. BUT, chart your spiritual journey on the stick. Decorate the stick with meaningful to you aspects (see pics below). You can write on the stick. You can “brand the stick,” You can carve on the stick. Make your personal journal.

Click on the links below to go to the Winterfest Youtube channel to see the importance of this type of exercise (we want you to have a closer WALK with Jesus—we will try most anything to connect you with him).

Bruce McLarty & Dudley Chancey talk about walking sticks in the Bible

Ben Bruner & Dudley Chancey talk about walking sticks on the trail

Lynn McMillon & Dudley Chancey talk about a three-generation walking stick

Piper Frost & Dudley Chancey talk about this year’s walking sticks

See the pics below of two people’s journey on their walking stick

IMG 1081
IMG 1083
IMG 1085
IMG 1086

This next stick not only charts the journey, but is decorated really cool

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